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Thursday 13 June 2013

Professional Team

Professional Team

Geo Power System is driven by a combination of full time professional teams and associate consultants to provide various expert and specialized services. Our company has carefully selected a team of professionals from various fields, bringing their own special strengths and many years of experience to cater to your every need, to enable your organization to succeed even further in your chosen field.

We have access to over 150 consultants and trainers specializing in various fields. Their expertise ranges from basic office induction and management, health and safety, to mechanical and thermal operations, with various other fields being constantly researched and updated for our clients.

We can assist you with the development and delivery of training, conducting risk assessments, auditing your safety systems, or by simply advising you on the correct needed implementation method all the way to company policy.

Our support staffs are also professionally trained and stand ready to serve you at all times. Our constant challenge to our dedicated and enthusiastic staff is to understand your training needs and fulfil them as expeditiously, completely and professionally as possible.